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Its Finally here!

If you are a keen Zingy Tingy follower or just stumbled on us over the last several months we have been experimenting and working on a new pickle recipe and we perfected the flavour balance any colour etc pretty quickly.

The issue we had for many months was coming up with a super catchy name to follow on with the rest of our product lines. Did you know that our complete business name came about after one night drinking far too many whiskies with my best buddy and we were talking about the taste of our beetroot and how it differs from others and in a semi, no actually, a full drunken state, I blurted out Zingy Tingy Beetroot and that was how our business name was born.

Despite trying many more whiskies all in the the hope of naming inspiration sadly it didn't help. Our new product is pickled Cauliflower and to keep our theme going trying to rhyme words to describe this that go nicely with Cauliflower isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

In the end I think we were just trying way to hard and when we described it (scrunchy) how it tasted (munchy) and what it is, (cauliflower) the name was finally created. Curly Wurly Cauliflower was a favourite but I didn't fancy the law suit against us, so avoided that one.

Labels are currently being printed and will be with us in the next few days and we are very happy with this new pickle.

So what does it look like? Well here you are... we are very happy with how this has turned out and the taste is fantastic. The Cauli is pickled in white malt vinegar along with mustard and coriander seed, cumin

seed, chilli flakes and a couple of other spices to give it a fantastic taste. The chilli is subtle and not overpowering at all and hopefully those with a good pallet will really be able to pick out all the differing flavours that come with this pickle.

Even if you think you don't like Cauli, TRY IT.

I cant stand boiled or steamed Cauliflower and don't get me started on Cauliflower cheese......Yuk!

But this is delicious. Let us convert you

A special mention to James who supports us with all our branding requirements who has done another superb job with the new label. I give him the rough idea and he converts it perfectly into the vision in my mind. Thank you James for all your knowledge and support.

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